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Generating more than a half-billion dollars in sales during his 45-year career, business executive, Joel Malkoff demonstrates that ethical business decision-making isn’t just the right thing to do -it’s the profitable thing to do. By sharing his expertise in sales, marketing, and ethical leadership, Joel desires to teach, motivate and inspire people around the world to conduct business both ethically and profitably.

A Business Parable Connecting Integrity with Profits

Can you sell with integrity and still make a profit? Yes!

In Selling EthicallyA Business Parable Connecting Integrity with Profits, author Joel Malkoff, the Ethics Giver ® reveals the powerful and surprising link between business ethics and profits. Drawing on the wisdom of biblical sages, modern thought leaders, and the tenets of his faith, this heartfelt and relatable business parable also features experiences inspired by Malkoff’s 45-year business career.

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Yes. But there is also a matter of timing. A Seller should provide the best possible presentation of their product or service. However, before the sale is finalized, there must be full disclosure of all flaws. Learn more.
Yes. Once you establish a reputation as a trusted salesperson who has a code of ethics, you will build an excellent referral network and enjoy profitable repeat business. Learn More
Honesty is defined as acts or deeds such as being truthful, not misleading people or misrepresenting products or services. Integrity is about being honest and acting with fairness and goodness—having a code of ethics. Learn More

Yes. There is no need to dishonestly attract customers by bait and switch, make false product claims or display misleading product packaging. You can take the higher ground! Learn More

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Selling Ethically

A Light Read that Resulted in Deep Thinking – While reading this book my first thought was the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Like the movie, this book covers (the book’s protagonist), David King’s business and personal life for the purpose of teaching a moral lesson. In this case, the importance of being ethical in business, which can only happen if you are also ethical in your personal life. Again, like the movie, God and angels are used to help bring home this message. It is obvious that Joel used his real-life experiences to write this book and by doing so, make it an interesting read. Since I finished the book in a single sitting, this goal was obviously accomplished. I would recommend this book for those in and/or studying business as a help to understand the importance of being ethical in their business dealings.

Sam Friedman


A parable that teaches deeply – Joel Malkoff’s parable is a warm-hearted story that illustrates in a story format how we can easily slide away from ethical behavior in this very competitive capitalist economy, and how we can adjust our behavior with a shift in perspective. The framework allows us to enter the story easily, and – a bit like the story of Scrooge reviewing his past from a new perspective – to observe how the main character felt pressured into making decisions and behaving in ways that were not fully ethical. It’s an easy read and very enjoyable. I highly recommend it! And especially the audiobook version!

Becky Parker Geist


An informative work of art on selling – This book is a great addition to your business reference materials. The author is very clear and to the point. The text is well thought out and easy to read while delivering a full amount of helpful information on being ethical in today’s world. I appreciate the real-life, practical examples this book offers. After reading this book, I have personally found it beneficial in sharing with my adult children, friends, family members, and even co-workers. This book is the perfect guide for all stages in business whether you are a top sales executive or just starting your career. This isn’t the same old stuff being written on ethics in business. This book chooses practical and relatable examples and vocabulary to guide readers along in their journey. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be a better human.

Heidi Clark


Great book for salespeople Nice job! As I look back on my career, I see a similar path to improvement as I rose in positions. Your interactions with the court were delightful entertaining and enlightening. I have worked in a few very large companies throughout my career. I have seen the deception firsthand. Before the demise of those companies, I saw the signs of greed and underhanded practices.

Frank CT


Good ethics is good business – The author uses a parable to teach that one who wishes to live a meaningful life must be ethical in his/her business dealings. In fact, the first question the Heavenly Court asks the protagonist of the book, business executive David King, is about the honesty of his business dealings.

H. Friedman

A Business Parable Connecting Integrity with Profits