Ethical sales professionals are continually challenged to bring a high degree of empathy and integrity to the selling process. In the midst of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the stakes are even higher. Millions of people across the country and around the globe have faced illness, death and economic hardship in recent months. Whether it’s in our personal relationships or professional networks, no one has patience for false sincerity. If a salesperson lacks empathy for a customer’s situation, the relationship will suffer, and repeat business and referrals will not happen.

During any crisis, a soft sell approach is better than a hard sell because your customers are under significant stress. Overly aggressive, hard sales tactics might give you a very short temporary win, but you risk losing the more beneficial – and profitable – long-term customer relationship.

Five Ethical Soft Selling Practices
To help contrast the distinctions between the hard-sell and the soft-sell, here are the top soft selling practices, which will allow professionals to achieve sales success during the age of COVID-19.

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