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My name is Joel Malkoff, and I am a successful businessman with more than 45-years of experience. I have worked for large corporations, small companies and started three businesses. My expertise is in executive management, sales, and marketing in the medical and scientific research community. Today, I serve as the President of an extremely successful corporation that manufactures and sells medical and scientific research products, worldwide.
Selling Ethically: A Business Parable Connecting Integrity with Profits
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What I Have Learned

I have been on both sides of the ethical scale. I am challenged every day to make business decisions reflecting honesty and integrity, fighting the constant battle to achieve business objectives and profits in a marketplace where unethical behavior can go unchecked. By learning and practicing business ethics such as honest selling and truthful advertising, I have built strong customer relationships, sold more products and services by customer referrals, and increased profit margins. By creating a trustworthy corporate image and helping employees develop the highest standard in ethical behavior, I have provided corporate stakeholders with long-term profits, exponential sales growth, and high market value. If you conduct your business only by the letter of the law, you will limit your success. If you learn to “go beyond the letter of the law” and practice the spirit of the law, you will achieve true success. I have fought many battles and won most. I would like to share with you the business practices that I learned over the years. Because, ethics is smart business®.
selling ethically amazon reviewer

Audrey C. Friedman

"Excellent and extremely well written! - Excellent! Well written with real life examples of the challenges faced when attempting to conduct oneself ethically not only in one’s personal life, but more importantly in their professional one. Also reassuring to be told that past missteps don't doom us forever and that we are all given room to learn and grow. Grateful for the opportunity to read this book."

Jay Izso

"Selling Ethically is written as a parable, but it is in fact more than simply a story. It is in fact based on the life of Sales and Ethics expert Joel Malkoff's life. And his trials and struggles with understanding ethics and coming to grips with understanding that by selling and marketing ethically he may lose the immediate sale, but will win a life time of clients, referrals, and loyalty. When reading this book I quickly realized that the lessons fell out of the story.”

selling ethically amazon reviewer

Anthony C. Crouch

"Sales are so fraught today with charlatans and scammers. It is hard to wade through the morass of predators, the one shot deal types, the hucksters. Relationships are paramount as in the old maxim that it can take five years to build a relationship and five minutes to lose it. This book is right on target with its integrity and truth based on the author's personal experiences. That is why it deserves to sell very well.”

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Quotes on Ethics

Wise Words to Live By

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom” – Thomas Jefferson

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.” – Spencer Johnson
“Exaggeration is a blood relation to falsehood and nearly as blamable.” – Hosea Ballou


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