Selling Ethically = Profitability

A Business Parable Connecting Integrity with Profits

Can you be ethical in business and still make a profit? Discover the connection between selling ethically and making profit. There is a positive relationship between business ethics and profitability. Ethical marketing and selling ethically will allow you and your company to build sales revenue and sustainable profits.

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Finally, selling ethically – In these times of business leaders and politicians without a shred of an ethical core, comes Joel Malkoff who argues that ethical behavior is at the heart of true leadership and success. Mr. Malkoff writes from in-the-foxhole experience, giving his book a refreshing view.

Douglas Caldwell, editor and publisher, host of Bizgnus podcast


This book is a must read – This is an outstanding and necessary book about ethics in our workplace and in the selling process. I love the message and the way it is written. If you are a fan of “The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews, then you will love this book. They are equally entertaining and educational. Get a copy. Read it. Digest it. And put it within arm’s reach because you will want to reference it again and again!

Earl Breon, corporate trainer, host of Leadership Phalanx podcast


Well worth the read From a business point of view, it’s the only way you can develop a long-term relationship with people. If you are looking to grow your business, you need ethics and integrity from Joel Malkoff – great advice from the book. must read, I highly enjoyed it.

Jim Beach, leadership expert, host of the School For Startups Radio podcast


No ethics, no trust, no growth – This is a must-read book for every sales professional. There is no trust without ethics.

Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and CEO of Selling Power Magazine, host of Selling Power podcast


What You Will Learn

You will learn how to increase your sales and profits even more by being ethical in business. Ethical marketing and selling will allow you and your company to build sustainable revenue over the long-term and enjoy a reputation of honesty and trustworthiness. A company with an ethical image has dedicated employees and loyal customers. It may sound counterintuitive, especially in this day and age, but conducting business in an ethical manner is essential to building better relationships, selling more products and services via customer referrals, and increasing sales revenue. You will learn in a most enjoyable way— through the power of storytelling. My business parable, which draws from the wisdom of biblical sages and lessons from my own career, will instill in you better business principles and even smarter business practices.
Who Should
Read this Book?

My book is for everyone who will appreciate that a person’s personal ethics should be the same as a person’s business ethics. There is no difference. My book will teach and demonstrate that ethical business decision-making isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s the profitable thing to do! This book will show you how to make more profit selling ethically and build trust and long lasting sales relationships.

Of course, there are tiers of desired engagement. My primary focus is to improve the buyer/seller relationship by discussing the importance of selling with integrity to build trust and develop long-term customer relationships. Sellers need to understand that it is “let the seller beware” rather than “let the buyer beware”. Marketeers need to understand, just like salespeople, that even legally allowable advertising statements and product claims, can erode your company’s image. The business executive who must adhere to the letter of the law, can achieve much more by going above and beyond—by following the spirit of the law—and truly understand the distinction.

Joel Malkoff the ethics giver
About the Author
Generating more than a half-billion dollars in sales during his 45-year career, business executive, Joel Malkoff demonstrates that ethical business decision-making isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s the profitable thing to do. Read more about Joel Malkoff.

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The right book at the right moment | Starved for ethical behavior – In the past year, we’ve all been starved for stories that underscore the power of ethical behavior in life situations. To me, this short book felt like a refreshing drink of water. Through one simple parable, Malkoff reminds us that there are people who care about living out their values in every aspect of their daily lives, and who have also learned that ethical behavior makes good business sense.

Holly Brady


The fun, engaging story of this book made it so enjoyable to read, while still providing concrete insights into business ethics. So much more enjoyable than a typical business book. Definitely worth the read!

Michelle Dev.


Speaking about the book. It’s also a religious experience.

Richard Dias


I really did enjoy your book. Good luck with spreading the message of ethical business practices. It is an important message that people really need to hear.

Samantha Macias


I truly am enjoying your book! I really feel that I know you so much better now and find it very interesting how you became the great success that you are today.  You are a true inspiration and I thank you for sharing your experiences.

Dianne Couture


I have to give Joel a golden star for using his imagination of connecting the heavens to earth in a biblical manner but incorporate business and ethics all at once. While reading, I kept going back to my own experiences and the “gut feelings” I experienced when learning to sell on a professional manner. This book truly makes you think of your own behaviors and how can you go on in the right direction selling ethically.

John E (Bernadeta Eichner) on Amazon

A Business Parable Connecting Integrity with Profits