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How Selling Can be Innovative, Without Being Dishonest

Published in Real Leaders Magazine on January 28, 2021

Salespeople have gotten a notorious reputation for being dishonest. Some sellers do bend the truth, and worse, to put their product in the best possible light.

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Video Interview

Translate Your Sales Goal into Meaningful Daily Activities

Aired on The Sales Evangelist / TSE TV (Podcast/YouTube) on December 28, 2020

Many sellers have sales goals but we must focus on making sales goals a part of your daily activities.

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Radio Interview

New Direction in Leadership and Success

Aired on KJAG and 50+ Radio Stations / A New Direction with Jay Iszo on December 9, 2020

When you hear the word ethics and sales they really don’t sound like they go together. It is kind of an oil and water thing for most people. It is a topic that is rarely if ever discussed and when it is, it’s because someone got into trouble over an ethics violation.

Joel Malkoff the ethics giver

Written Interview

Movers and Shakers Interview with Joel Malkoff

Published in Kivo Daily on December 1, 2020

I chose my book title, Selling Ethically, to clearly describe it as a book about selling and sales ethics rather than general business ethics. The subtitle, A Business Parable Connecting Integrity with Profits, highlights the alignment between integrity and business success. Read More on Kivo Daily

Video Interview

Make More Profits by Selling Ethically

Aired on Selling Power Magazine (YouTube) on November 12, 2020

Joel Malkoff, the author of a new book SELLING ETHICALLY shares his candid story of redemption.

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Why Selling with Empathy and Integrity Matters More than Ever!

Published in CEO World on October 22, 2020

Ethical sales professionals are continually challenged to bring a high degree of empathy and integrity to the selling process. However, in the midst of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the stakes are even higher.

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