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“The Right Book at the Right Moment. In the past year, we’ve all been starved for stories that underscore the power of ethical behavior in life situations. To me, this short book felt like a refreshing drink of water. Through one simple parable, Malkoff reminds us that there are people who care about living out their values in every aspect of their daily lives, and who have also learned that ethical behavior makes good business sense.”
“When the role of Ethics becomes a partner in productivity. A creative, thought provoking, and timely achievement that captures and captivates, Joel Malkoff’s extensive acumen in the world of competitive business is presented in parable form in the light of ethics and how it’s overreaching emphasis will increase reputation, respectability, and revenue. An enjoyable as well as educational read, this book will foster self-reflection and challenge to a variety of career choices. A stunning and timely effort! “
“Learn from the Experience of Another – Wisdom is a gift. A grandfather’s time capsule buried deep within a child’s mind. David is a salesman. He does what everyone does, he tries to get by. In time something inside him informs him of the virtue of his path and his consciousness and accountability is raised. The subtle balance between right and wrong is wrought from the imperceptible and ignored. Every action has a consequence and our ability to shape the world in the image of our creator is a willful measure of both soul and sensitivity. “Selling Ethically” is an opportunity to walk in another man’s shoes and to consider an important opportunity intrinsic to free will. It is a vicarious and rational exercise in self-judgment that will resonate with the self-interested, benefit the thoughtful, and support the motives of grandfathers everywhere to leave this world better than it was found.”
“Good Book – I just finished reading the book and thought very highly of it. There is an awful lot to learn from it, full of important ideas for us all, full of wisdom. Couching it all in the form of a parable was an excellent idea, delivering its important messages by readily drawing the reader into the “story,” and greatly lessening the possibility that it might come across as an off-putting moralistic lecture (which it doesn’t, not at all). I think the best thing about it is that everything Malkoff spoke of applies not just to the world of salesmanship, but actually to all of us in our everyday interactions and relationships. May ethical ideals and principles forever guide us all! Reading the book brought to mind a passage from the Pirkei Avot: “Which is the path of virtue a person should follow? -That which brings honor to one’s Maker, as well as respect from one’s fellow human beings.”
“I do think it is well written and certainly original. I wondered (of course–but then this is a question you don’t have to answer) whether any of the example are autobiographical and if you had an awakening at some point, or whether these are examples you simply know about after so many years in business. I also went to your website and was impressed!”
“Your parable says as much about you and your character as does the story you tell. I’ve never made a living in sales but the ethical life you write about is a lesson for anyone regardless of occupation.”
“Malkoff’s book is written in an interesting “parable” format. Because of that, I was a bit surprised at the title and the content. Having read many how-to books on business practices, I immediately assumed this would be written in the same format with case scenarios, graphs, statistics, and the like. It is not. Whereas the core message of Selling Ethically concerns business practices.”
Selling Ethically is an interesting journey into the personal motives of those doing business in today’s world. It’s a personal journey and I believe the book should be read as just that… if someone in your company asks how they can get on the right road to integrity, it’s a fine book to hand them.”

“Malkoff, a native of Brooklyn, New York who now live in Avon, Connecticut reveals his ethical practices as a writer and coach. His insight overrides the “used-car-salesman” stereotype and opens the door to more ethical practices. His foundational message concedes that ethical practices can still be profitable. Based on three essential elements, Malkoff promotes building better relationships, sell by customer referral, and increase sales revenue and profits through the benefits of your products. Sustainable gains in business come from having a solid marketing strategy based on truth”.

“Malkoff takes us on a journey to his own personal judgement day in a court of angels going over his past transactions. During the conversation with these heavenly beings, he is both prosecuted for things he did as salesman that hurt others and praised for what he did to prevent harm. In these chapters, we learn what was ethical, and what was not, and most importantly—why. He offers foresight into how unethical business practices can affect its victims, change their lives, and make things difficult for them in their futures. This method of teaching is effective.”

“Joel Malkoff formats his book Selling Ethically in a unique and interesting way. His concerns that personal ethics and business ethics should be the same is the theme of his book, and he stands by the fact that ethical behavior in business creates better customer relationships, encourages more sales, and revenue and profit will be increased. In order to be ethical, he stands by the assumption that instead of relying on the customer to be cautious it is the seller’s responsibility to be fervent. Good business practices are a must, not only for the reputation of the company, but for your own personal emotional and spiritual growth”.
A Business Parable Connecting Integrity with Profits