The Letter of the Law vs. The Spirit of the Law

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The goal of all ethical behavior is to act with goodness and the right intent, in addition to fairness. Likewise, business ethics is about pursuing the spirit of the law and going beyond the letter of the law. A person can meet the letter of the law and still behave unethically. For vivid examples of…

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Can you sell with integrity and still make a profit?

In a word: yes! Conducting business in an ethical manner isn’t just about high-minded ideals. It’s about choosing to do the right thing, in real life, day after day. In doing so, our businesses can also reap powerful financial rewards. In an increasingly competitive business landscape, companies are continuously challenged to stand out – and…

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Who or What is the Ethics Giver?

In sum, my desire and goal as “the Ethics Giver” is to transmit my ethical knowledge and make the world a better place.  It is an odd sounding name “the Ethics Giver.” Why not The Ethical Giver, The Ethical Teacher or even The Ethicist? A person could teach ethics but give ethics? It is probably…

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